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Become a Volunteer!

We’ve put down some roots and now we’re ready to rebuild our volunteer team!
  • Have 4 or more extra hours a week?
  • Wanna hang out with a bunch of feminists in a bookstore?
  • Have mad love for the courtyard and want to spend more time in the space?
  • Looking for volunteer credit for class or a full blown internship?
If you answered yes to any of these questions - Wild Iris Books and our sister non-profit Friends of Wild Iris have just the opportunity for you. Volunteer training will be starting next week and we’ll be offering weekly training sessions to give you all the know-how you need to run the Iris. Here’s the answer to some of the basic questions, but if you need more info – contact us through Facebook or email!
Who can volunteer?
Anyone over 18 years old who wants to! You already know all about us – Feminist, Queer, Local, Inclusive Bibliophiles.  Special note to parents – children 15 to 18 can volunteer with a guardians permission.
How long are the shifts?
Store shifts are four hours long and we ask that you try to work at least one a week. We’ll also have events and those hours will vary by need. The store is open from Tuesday through Saturday from 1-8pm. Shifts are broken down into 1-4pm and 4-8pm time slots.
What kind of stuff will I be doing?
General store stuff – cleaning, making displays, alphabetizing, helping customers, hanging out. There’s some data entry and if you have special talents let us know – we can always use graphic designers, blog writers and other creative peeps.
What’s all that training about?
Training Level 1 will get you the basics and help prepare you for the questions that customers are sure to ask. With Level 2 we’ll set up an individual time for you to come and learn the mechanics of the cash register, opening/closing duties and special orders. Level 3 happens as you need it – move into receiving inventory, helping to create purchase orders and beyond!
How can I get credit for class / internship credit?
If you need 10-15 hours at a non-profit for class, stop in and see us – our non-profit Friends of Wild Iris can hook you up with some projects and volunteer hours. If you’re looking for an internship, please forward your resume and personal information to Wild Iris Books and we will contact you for an interview. Currently we are on file with both UF and Santa Fe as an internship site.
What kind of Perks are there?
Glad you asked – besides hanging out in Florida’s only feminist bookstore which is nestled around several other amazing local and non-profit creatures we do offer some additional perks as our way of saying Thanks! After working for two weeks, volunteers can enjoy a free cup of coffee/tea from Rad Press per 4 hour shift. Enjoy discounts in the store and use Wild Iris like a library to read all those books you can’t justify buying (yet)!
Where do I sign up?
Wild Iris uses Volunteer Spot to keep track of volunteer training and schedules. Click here to go to the sign up site and get registered for Training Level 1. If none of the available training times fit with your schedule – send us an email and we’ll work something out for you. Sign up today at http://vols.pt/ooV9dV to sign up for Volunteer Training Level 1 on @VolunteerSpot today!

Sign up today, we’ll help you get your feet wet and before you know it – you’ll be a Wild Iris Pro!

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