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Free Store at Wild Iris Books! August 5th!

The Next Free Store is August 5th!! Join us from 2-6pm inside the Civic Media Center.

We look forward to gaining many excited and consistent volunteers to continue this project and keep the store open each and every month! Please let us know if you are interested in joining our volunteer team!

As always, we've amassed a stellar collection of clothing, shoes, make-up, jewelry and toiletries and it's become one of our regular events we're most proud of. We've also built up a large selection of kid stuff too - clothes, shoes, jackets, some baby gear, books and toys.

Free Store was set up with the needs of queer and trans people, people between housing, and those in special need in mind. So please spread the word to people who have access to those communities so that these objects can do the most good.

That being said, we humans still create so much stuff........ We have plenty to give, so come by and say hello - there's probably a treasure or two waiting for you.

Because of the limited space in Wild Iris Books, we're asking that for the time being you only bring clean sorted donations to Free Store events.

The things we ALWAYS need are: menstrual products, toothpaste and toiletries, socks, boxers, and blankets.

Contact Wild Iris Books for questions.

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